On the job training

My approach does not say “I cannot do that“, but rather “I cannot do that yet.“
I have successfully followed it myself and  have passed it on to my children. An analysis of potential strengths and weaknesses helps to identify appropriate focal points.

Preserve your running personnel costs

All theory, dear friend, is grey, but with on the job training pragmatic tasks can be child’s play. Company specific tasks are performed together and supplemented by practical tips. Especially for start-ups I offer professional experience with practical tips.

Are you looking for in-house training for your cash management, treasury or financial accounting? You can receive additional services such as the settlement of service level agreements on a group level or on cash management. You may also benefit from know-how transfer in English for your team.

Contact me

Contact me to plan a tailor-made workshop. I am there for you and will visit you or on request, organise a meeting elsewhere. To schedule a meeting you can reach me by phone or by email.

Please contact me under info@cfo-consult.de or make use of my contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.