My professional Network

Cooperation is indispensable, in particular, in times of growing specialisation.

My professional network embraces personalities from corporates, organisations, associations, auditors, banks and tax advisors in various European countries.

The best way for exchange is direct communication.

My professional network meets regularly at a number of events. I am trying to be present at some of them where we can meet in person. You find them under events.

In addition, I am listed on some web portals like BVMW, frauenunternehmen-berlin and wlw .

You can also fin me on the following portals:

Mittelstandskompetenzzentrum Berlin Gemeinsam Digital WER LIEFERT WAS Unternehmensportal Lichtenberg GULP experts united

When I can be of help, please contact me under or make use of my contact form. With pleasure I will be there for you or bring you in contact.