System optimization in financial management

When considering system optimization many people think first about optimizing mere technical systems. In a broader sense, however, such optimization encompasses the entire system that unites various processes. In turn, they can be viewed as several different IT systems or solutions.

Systems are developing rapidly making it difficult to get an accurate overview. Accordingly, expert assistance is usually needed.

Chaos of interfaces or integrated system?

Mere accounting or HR solutions support certain functions only within a company or enterprise. Interfaces are used to process the data from system to system. ERP (Enterprise Resource System) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, however, unite the processes of different company functions and provide for single databases which can steer processes up to client relationships. Hence, they are called integrated systems.

Cash management or treasury management systems (TMS) exist both as integrated in ERP systems or as single solutions dedicated to certain functions.

Company size determines significantly the selection of IT solutions. The system landscape develops in parallel with company growth. What does your system landscape look like?

The right solution grows with your company

The CEO & Leader of the FSN Finance forum (LinkedIn) states in his preface to the representative global survey 2018: “Most finance professionals remain mired in fractured systems and processes scattered to all four corners of the organization. And this against the backcloth of steadily falling finance headcount and rapidly increasing demands on time, such as regulatory and statutory reporting as well as meeting the demands of more complex and diverse reporting needs.“[1] As a result, data need to be collected throughout the organization which complicates analytical work.

Do not confuse urgency with priority! Get temporary or part-time professional support to break the vicious circle. Escape the stress of daily business and face the challenges with confidence and enthusiasm!

[1] Gary Simon, CEO FSN, Letter from the Leader of the Modern Finance Forum, Global Survey 2018 “Innovation in Financial Reporting”, p. 3

I shall be happy to draft an optimal system solution for and in full cooperation with you and will stay at your side until its implementation. Furthermore, I am willing and able to help you with the integration of new work flows and with the adjustment of interfaces.

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