Daily business vs. innovation? Consulting gives you a respite

Prioritise the efficiency gains of your cash management in times of digitalisation and shortage of skilled workers!

Prepare for digitization by standardization and automation

Standardization and automation are pre-conditions for digitization. Only unified workflows can be automated.

Standardization from cash to treasury management

You lack the capacity to draft unified workflows and policies?

Trust my professional experience in financial management with defining and implementing new workflows in finance and accounting. You receive draft check lists and policies with you making the final decisions.

Advantages of standardization of the Cash Management

You kill two birds with one stone. With policies at hand, you ensure the standards of handling your business transactions by your team. At the one hand you are better prepared for questions by the tax office for the so-called documentation of the proceedings based on GoBD.[1] On the other hand, you are in compliance with essential requirements of the internal control system as stipulated by the general principles of proper accounting GOB[2].

[1] General Principles of proper accounting and preservation of books, recordings and documents in electronic form and to data access

[2] General Principles of proper accounting (see §238, 1 HGB)

Automation of your payments and cash management

Did you know that because of its data volume and sensitivity, cash management is well suited for automation?

Examples are the daily import of bank statements or the reconciliation of payments with the planned cash flow data. Also, the data for the outstanding accounts receivables or payables can be imported into financial accounting.

Advantages of automatization of the Cash Management

By the use of automatization, you achieve not only higher efficiency. You also are more quickly informed about your financial situation. And another advantage which shall not be under-estimated: monotonous workflows are discontinued and the motivation of your staff grows.

Make use of the possibilities of digitization for the optimization of your processes!

Prepare yourself for using new technologies by standardising your work flows. Profit from my professional backing in analysing processes and from my tailored solutions for efficiency gains.

Given my thorough knowledge of the industry standard, my evaluation is independent and not fixed on a particular IT solution. Let us, together, find a solution that works for you. With due regard to your everyday business needs you receive customised advice in strategic matters.

With my consulting solutions you achieve:

  • Higher productivity from your teams
  • Timely and reliable data for decision-making
  •  Optimisation of team-competencies
  • At the same time, respite for executives
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International teams? No problem!

My experience from working abroad and communication skills in various languages give international teams extra value.

Please take advantage of my offer in both consultancy and project management in German and English which also includes the drafting of project documentation and of internal policies.

Having documents available in many languages can be a huge advantage for international companies, but also auditors and banks who can then work with these documents without delay.


For those who are interested but do not want to go big at once I have extremely attractive introductory offers which are well worth checking out.

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Your direct way to me

If you have already decided on a project or on needed support, please contact me via info@cfo-consult.de or make use of my contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.