Events for networking

Are we going to see each other?

Indeed, all is postponed, for the time being only contact by phone and online, sorry. 🙁

Keep away from any viruses!


BVMW “DigitalX EAST” 12 March 2020, Arena, Berin-Treptow

Young and Restless “Media salon” 19 March 2020, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Tagesspiegel “Future Mobility”, 23-24 March 2020, Technical University Berlin

BVMW “Digital zones of freedom for Germany – New Spaces for Winning the Innovation Race”, 25 March 2020, Berlin-Tiergarten

Robert Half “Business Breakfast: AI which really understands you” 28 April 2020, Berlin-Charlottenburg

You have also been there?

ESMT “Digital Society Conference” 10 December 2019, Berlin-Mitte

Umweltforum  “Trend radar – Is this the future or can it be dumped?” 12 November 2019, Berlin-Friedrichshain

EINS – Centre for Entrepreneurship TU Berlin “Optimize processes and save resources – Human and Technology today” 22 October 2019, Berlin

Fintech-Hub “Cybersecurity Summer Party” 26 June 2019, Berlin

BMWi “Set up your company” 24 June 2019, Berlin

BVMW “DIGITAL X East” 18 June 2019, Berlin

British Chamber of Commerce “Successful in Great Britain in Times of Brexit” 4 June 2019, Berlin

BVMW “Entrepreneur lounge” 27 May 2019, Berlin

German FinTech- & InsurTech Ecosystem “FinTech Summer Kick-Off 2019” 23 May 2019, Berlin

BVMW, Mayer & Partner GmbH “Protection by raising awareness” 22 May 2019, Berlin

Pop Up Store “Economy evening” am 21 May 2019, Berlin

PWC “The Future of Treasury” 15 May 2019, Frankfurt/Main

ASIA-Pacific Week 13+14 May 2019, Berlin

Federal Ministry of Economy “Innovation Day of SME” 9 May 2019, Berlin

HWR Berlin “Easter Punch” 3 May 2019

VdU “The who dunnit in your own house” 24 April 2019, Berlin-Mitte

BVMW “The great chance opens only, when you induce it!”  09 April 2019, Berlin-Lichtenberg

Tagesspiegel “Future Mobility”  08-09 April 2019, EUREF Campus Berlin

Start Alliance “Female Founders” 28 March 2019 in The Place, Berlin

AMBA Connect–Berlin 2019,  22 Februar 2019 in Startup Incubator HWR Berlin

HWR Berlin “AlumniMeetSudents” 21 February 2020, Berlin-Schöneberg

BVMW “Structural and SME Policy- Two pages of one medal” 04 March 2020, Berlin-Mitte

BMWi “Strong Women Strong Economy” 04 March 2020, Berlin-Mitte

We missed each other? To schedule a meeting you can reach me by phone or email.

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