Analysis of the current situation

Are you looking for positive change of your finance management? Have you not found a workable approach yet, because of sheer lack of time? You are not alone in such a situation. The majority of executives see the advantages of innovation, but cannot address it properly due to severe time constraints.

Questions about payments, banking and liquidity lead to the assessment of your processes and your cash management profile. I analyse the current situation of your cash management, liquidity planning and disposition as well as your payment system as a whole, with an experienced eye and appropriate involvement of co-workers and staff. After identifying deviations from Best Practice you receive individual recommendations for legally sound procedures with aplomb. You decide which direction to go.

Keep the objectives of your cash management in focus

The main objectives of cash management, also called liquidity management, are to secure liquidity for the functioning of your business, the efficient use of available means and the limitation of risks.

The starting point of the analysis is your cash management profile, framed by external conditions such as the tax and banking systems, payment conditions and payment methods etc., typical for your industry. Internal factors of your cash management profile are your corporate structure, your clients’ and suppliers’ typical payment terms and conditions which are analysed in relation to the organisation of your accounting and regional structures.

What impact have those factors on your corporation and is there room for process or system optimization?

CFO Consult supplies ideas

Trust in my experience of many years and my intuition in analysing the current situation and uncovering the processes which are handled by your staff using specific systems.

You receive recommendations on actions on the basis of Best Practice. Even simple adjustments of postings, work flows or document management may streamline processes or avoid unnecessary duplication of data entries. The main objective is to reveal undiscovered potential.

In regular meetings during the analysis implementation phase ideas are defined together.  You receive relevant documentation about recommended amendments to your work flows and if you wish so I can also draft the required amendments to your internal policies.

Based on my evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses and potential reserves in your processes and systems you get recommendations on action points with the aim of positive change.  You decide at any time how to proceed to ensure smooth and more efficient work flows.

Example: Cash flow analysis

Are you happy with your cash flow?

Your Cash-Flow derived from incoming and outgoing payments for a specific period should be positive. A positive cash flow improves your ability to meet all liabilities and as a result your solvency rating, credit worthiness and thereby your shareholder value. Negative cash flow is rightly described as money destruction.

To optimize your cash flow you need to account for it first. Such calculations are extremely company specific. They range from Excel spreadsheets to sophisticated cash management systems with integrated cash flow reporting.

As a fully independent consultant I can help to find the right solution for you.


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