Process optimization liberates potential

Time is money. As is well-known, cash management is characterized by time pressure which makes it an ideal target for process optimization.

Based on my thorough analysis of your workflows in comparison with Best Practice you may benefit from workable solutions in compliance with accounting principles. Make use of my professional experience of many years and get tried and tested expert input to streamline work flows and simplify document flows!

My recommendations are pragmatic and reflect my passion to simplify time and work intensive actions in financial management. They are specifically designed to increase the motivation and responsibility of your teams.

If you opt for a process optimization, I will draft the description of new work flows and policies including the induction of users.

Process optimization starts with preceding processes

Let us take account payables. Where does the input come from and what output is expected? For the input I look into processes like procurement, invoice verification, tax declarations, travel management or payroll.

How do you ensure that payments are made at due dates? What is the percentage of rapid money transfers? Do you make use of cash discounts? How many returned payments do you have on average? How is the internal approval process organised in your company?

Although you can influence the payments of accounts payables by invoicing them yourself, securing your incoming payments at due dates will continue to pose a challenge. Do you use external service providers for debt management?

You gain from using all possibilities to optimize processes

CFO Consult Process optimization

Analysing the disposition of your financial resources shows how the quality of the information flow within your company is assured. You need full clarity about your cash flows to check whether all liabilities are covered.

  • Where do you get this information?
  • How quickly do you have your daily financial status available?
  • Are all liquid means and expected payments included in the disposition?
  • Is the amount of your liquidity reserve adequate?

Ensure the flow of information about unexpected changes to your anticipated financial needs is adequate to allow for due reaction time!

Your cash management ensures your solvency and credit worthiness.

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