Modules for the Money Transfer, the electronic statements (Balance Reporting) and for a Planning tool (Treasury) are components of a Cash Management Systems.

A number of regulations apply for Cash Management systems like for all financial systems. The framework relates essentially to functionalities of journals and supporting documents, changes made to them and to period end accruals.

The Generally accepted principles of proper accounting and preservation of books, recordings and documents in electronic form and to data access (GoBD) shall ensure the accurate processing of data, its controllability, transparency and functional security. They require apart from data access to tax office officials a so-called documentation of the proceedings, including the preceding tools, of your financial management.

The requirements of the EU Payment Service Directives [1] to harmonize the payment services of the domestic market within the SEPA area, like the 2-factor-authentification, are also  to be considered when implementing or using Cash Management systems.

[1] EU Payment Directives 2007/64/EG and 2015/2366 (PSD und PSD2)